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Como funciona el oído

Podíamos empezar haciéndonos los listillos con aquello de que el oído  es el órgano responsable de la audición y el equilibrio, y está compuesto por mecanorreceptores quienes captan las vibraciones y las transforman en impulsos nerviosos que irán hasta el cerebro, donde los estímulos serán interpretados... y acabar no se donde.


Pero no. Para informaciones "densas" doctores tiene la iglesia que diría el otro y hay otros foros destinados a ello. Esto lo hemos encontrado en un cuaderno de pegatinas del niño que andaba circulando por casa por diferentes sitios, espacios y lugares comunes (repisa de la cocina, mesa del salón, alfombra de juguetes, etc.) con esa sensación de que por mucho intento de que cada cosa tenga su lugar como es una estupenda minibiblioteca de libros, cuadernos y cuentos... oye que no hay manera. (los que teneis hijos me lo entendeis a la primera).


Pues bien, la octava vez que lo veía tirado observé que el oído venía con el resto de sentidos: vista, tacto, gusto, olfato. Y pillé el filón enseguida: por su simpleza y sencillez nos parece atractivo y muy didáctico y responde a la filosofía de nuestro blog de contaros cosas amenas pero profundaas. Responde a la pregunta básica de cómo funciona el oído que en eso estamos todos.

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    Accessories News: Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons New Storefront ELLE
    Accessories News: Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons New StorefrontJuly 13 4:46 PMby ELLE 0 CommentsBlack Sheep & Prodigal Sons built their business out of jeweled studies of the occult.  The New York- based jeweler cleverly evokes the mysticism of the strange and arcane; reworking everything from slices of mammoth tusks, scrimshaw straight razors, and mythical talisman charms into wearable objects d'art.  Starting tomorrow, you can stop by the new Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons first storefront location on 83 1/2 Orchard Street and pick out a daring little dark memento of your own. We spoke to Prodigal Sons designer, Derrick Cruz, about the inspiration behind his designs: Mammoth Talon Cuff, made in collaboration with Pamela Love  Using Love's signature cuff as a base, we added our characteristic carvings and engravings so that each Mammoth Talon Cuff in one-of-a-kind by virtue of process.  7 Sacred Planets We often see eye-to-eye with Bblessing, so when we realized recently that our collective sights had been set on coach factory outlet the night sky for inspiration. We  knew "everything" was perfectly aligned for a collaboration.   Deadman Mammoth Horn I'd never engraved a skeleton before, so when GQ asked us to replicate JFK Jr.'s signature horn necklace, I figured this would make it more "us". The tiny detail on a curve was definitely a challenge.  "Hahnoma" or "White Man's Fly"  This piece is both a continuation on our efforts to bring awareness to the public about Colony Collapse Disorder (the honeybee plight) and a perfect talisman to accentuate the Theft of Light Collection. Theft of Light was inspired by a Native American myth accounting for the origins of light on earth.  Network coach backpacks Theory  Unable to avoid the effects of social media and the yet to be determined repercussion of the same, we had many discussions in the studio about what physical human networks meant to us — the actual chemical exchange between folks when coach factory they meet. At the same time the work alludes to a time when we wont be able to protect ourselves from "networks" and will need to shield ourselves — that's where coach factory rubber over leather cheap coach factory backpacks comes into the picture.    Occulter Ring Just a giant ring made out of cheap coach backpacks logs of metal. It occults. Name is inspired by our up coming store in the LES.   For more information click here.—KATE DAVIDSON HUDSON Tags:

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    Emma Louise Premieres "Backseats" Emma Louise Interview ELLE
    Listen Up: Exclusive Premiere of Emma Louise's Bonus Track "Backseats"May 16 2:45 PMby Alison Baitz 0 CommentsPhoto: Ali MittonAustralian songstress Emma Louise sounds a lot more mature and world-weary than her 21 years would suggest. The singer-songwriter—whose debut full-length album sees its American release on May 21—spends long weekends herve leger dress touring coach factory outlet her native country and talks about herve leger dress her work with the ease and plain language of someone who has spent lots of time in the spotlight. She talked to us from her art studio in Brisbane.Louise got her start in music ignoring her haters. After borrowing—and fiddling coach factory online outlet around with—a friend’s guitar, she would learn songs by others, singling out “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer. “I would go to school coach factory outlet and show my friends, and then my friends would be like ‘that stinks!’” recalled Louise. Luckily she was able to rise above the early doubt—and also write her own songs.vs. Head vs. Heart is an airy, breathy collection of 11 songs slowly simmering in a broth of electronica. Every track carries a signature easy, quiet confidence—proof that songs need not be loud to create a big impact. This result is surprising, given that Louise wasn’t a prolific listener of music before getting started herve leger dresses on this album. “It’s weird to be a songwriter and not listen to much music,” she said. Previously, she would listen to whatever music fell into her lap; it wasn’t until after heading into the recording studio did she start seeking out music and listening to it with a more analytical ear. “I think I needed to do that,” she noted.But listening to new music—and getting more familiar with the production side of recording—actually delayed the making of the album. She went into the studio with a folkier approach, but scrapped it about halfway through. “Backseats,” our exclusive premiere, is a bonus track off the album and a product of that earlier approach. It’s a sparse, piano-driven song written from the perspective of an older woman reevaluating her love life. It may not be steeped in the now-signature electro, but it is a nice snapshot of a pre-transformation Emma Louise—of something made in a kind of pre-influence vacuum.Listen to "Backseats" here.

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